Compositology began as a concept in 2007

The United States economy was showing the signs of what was to come.  As the recession revealed itself to be much more than anyone expected, the building materials industry faced extensive restructuring and downsizing in order to weather the storm.  During this time, many businesses were forced to make deep cuts to Research & Development, Quality Control, and Marketing Services.  This was where the opportunity of Compositology LLC came from.  With our history of composite building products R&D experience (both academic and industrial), our staff is able to provide the services which were forced to be cut.

Compositology LLC became a reality in 2010

Coming out of the recession, outsourcing is no longer just about cutting costs and saving money. It’s about how to do things quicker and more efficiently, getting to market faster than your competitors, gaining access to the expertise of highly qualified professionals and maximizing your flexibility. Outsourcing is one of the most significant strategic business decisions you can make.

The benefits of using Compositology LLC to supplement your business:


  • Tap our professional expertise without assuming the fiscal burden of adding senior-level or technical staff.
  • Free up in-house staff to concentrate on more critical tasks


  • Provide technical staff expertise to address projects NOW rather than later
  • Ability to gear up instantly to move on new business opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on due to staffing and equipment limitations


  • Add technical expertise and use this talent on an as-needed basis
  • Access to equipment and solutions to provide quick and accurate results


  • Create a competitive advantage by instantly adding expertise that is not currently in-house
  • Gain access to technical knowledge, industry experience and other testing resources


  • Add technical capabilities quickly without adding to your overhead
  • Leverage our extensive investments in knowledge, technology, and techniques to provide a value not found in-house.
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