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By Ben Hirschler, SOURCE: Reuters Dutch scientists have found a way of turning plant matter into the building blocks of common plastics using a nanotechnology process that offers an alternative to oil-based production. The team from Utrecht University and Dow Chemical Co produced ethylene and propylene – precursors of materials found in everything from CDs […]

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Patent Covers Use of Proprietary Halloysite Material as a Performance Enhancing Additive 02/15/2012 — ROCHESTER, N.Y. — — NaturalNano, Inc. (OTCBB:NNAN.OB – News) announced that the US Patent Office had issued a key patent which covers the use of its proprietary Halloysite material as a performance enhancing additive when used in molded polymers. NNAN […]

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SOURCE: Fars News Agency 02/13/2012 — TEHRAN — Over 10 innovative plans in the field of nanotechnology were displayed by the Iranian innovators and inventors in the Fourth National Festival on Innovation and Flourishing of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution. The plans presented by the inventors in the field of nanotechnology in this festival […]

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By Michael Berger SOURCE: 12/07/2011 — Researchers have, for the first time, compared the energetic cost of silk and synthetic polymer fiber formation and demonstrated that, if we can learn how to spin like the spider, we should be able to cut the energy costs for polymer fiber processing by 90%, leaving alone the heat […]

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By Nina Baiker, Empa SOURCE: Nanowerk News 10/26/2011 — For some time now nanocellulose has been at the focus of a good deal of industrial and scientific interest as a novel biomaterial. Potential applications range from the creation of new kinds of commercially useful materials and uses in medical technology all the way to the […]

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