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The network of electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations in Germany is still relatively sparse, but their number is growing rapidly. The majority of roadside charging points take the form of steel-clad pillars. A group of researchers has set out to develop an alternative design based on environmentally compatible materials. SOURCE: Fraunhofer IWM 10/10/2011 — Our cityscapes will […]

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Source: University of Maine 09/08/2011 — Orono, Maine – – The field of nanoscience has shown that the smallest of particles are sometimes the strongest. Research into these infinitesimal objects – whose dimensions range from a few nanometers to less than 100 nanometers; by comparison, a sheet of paper has a thickness of 100,000 nanometers […]

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SOURCE: 07/19/2011–Rotorura, New Zealand–An exciting new technology that produces wood plastic pellets has been developed by Crown Research Institute Scion with the potential to revolutionise the composition of plastics worldwide. Scion has negotiated a licensing agreement with Sonae Indústria Group for the manufacture and sale of the wood plastic pellet technology. The licence gives […]

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By Kate Tilley SOURCE: Plastics News Date: 06/28/2011 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA  — While Australia is forging ahead in bioplastics and nanotechnology research, industry observers says there is a disconnect between research institutions and industry. Many industry observers say too much research is academic and not being translated into commercial reality. Lex Edmond, president of the Society […]

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