Additive Manufacturers & Suppliers

Your company’s mission is to provide innovative and novel additive solutions to your customers.

Part of that mission is explaining to your customers what these solutions can do for them.  Do your customers understand what the value is of these solutions?  Are you doing an adequate job conveying this message?

Composite building products manufacturers are always searching to make the ideal alternative to wooden siding, fencing, decking, roofing, and outdoor products that provides low maintenance, long life and natural aesthetics at a reasonable price point.

Your job as a supplier to these manufacturers is to provide innovative solutions, improve product performance, reduce product costs, or bring new novel technologies to your customers so they can have a competitive edge.  What if you had a third-party company who would evaluate and present literature on those improvements and innovations, and be able to showcase these benefits to your customers independently?

At Compositology LLC, we can help.

By providing third party testing results, data, and literature, your products will stand out from the competition.

What Compositology LLC can do for your business:

  • Provide independent third-party testing and evaluation of current and new additive systems
  • Compare your systems against the competition to showcase your product’s superiority
  • Prepare gray literature (PowerPoint, tech notes, research reports, handouts, flyers, etc) for customer and public presentation
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