Architects & Municipalities
  • Your newest project is looking at using composite products, but your previous experiences have been limited.
  • This is a novel application, and no one has really done this before.
  • What if you had a way to evaluate the new composites your clients are looking at using to make sure it will perform as promised?
  • What is it worth to you to know what the good and bad attributes of a particular composite product were before you have it installed on the jobsite?

Compositology LLC will provide insight into the feasibility of using composite building materials by conducting comparative analysis and evaluation, durability testing, performance property determination, and other tasks to support your architectural team or municipality project in varying capacities aimed to meet your individual needs.

Compositology LLC will work together with you and your clients to provide enhanced resources and assurance throughout the design and construction phases. The multidisciplinary nature of our company means that Compositology LLC can provide a breadth of services in an efficient manner, as disciplines can work together and cohesively across disciplines, allowing  information transfer between designers, engineers, planning groups, permitting specialists and code officials.

Our team of specialists at Compositology LLC will work to provide comparative technical information to you and your customers to ensure the products chosen are the best for the application with years of worry-free use.

What Compositology LLC can do for you:

  • Compare new and existing composite products using both standard laboratory and “real-world” testing procedures, and let you know the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of these products BEFORE you invest your time and resources.
  • Generate literature to present technical information non-technically to your contractors and designers, so they can understand how the product should be installed, its design limitations, and what the “dos and don’ts” are.
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