Building Material Distributors & Dealers

Does it seem that every time your sales force gets comfortable with your “newest” composite building product, that you start getting calls from homeowners and contractors with “issues” or “problems” with it?  Or has the “greatest innovation to composite decking” been already replaced, and you still have multiple units sitting in your yards?  When three different companies say they have the best product, which one is right? 

Which one is right for YOU?

How do you know that the newest product being shown to you by one of the numerous salesman stopping at your business is a quality product which will do all the things being promised to you?

Does the manufacturer even know itself how it will do?

Do you have the financial resources to absorb losses caused by a bad product with zero manufacturer support?

Even if the manufacturer does cover the cost of a bad product, what is the cost in your relationship with your contractors and installers?  Are they going to have the same faith they had before?

What if you had a way to evaluate that new product to make sure that it was something you want to put in your inventory and trust to sell to your customers?  What is it worth to you to know what the good and bad attributes of a composite product was before you invested your dollars into it?

Our team of specialists at Compositology LLC will work to provide comparative technical information to you and your customers to ensure the products chosen are the best for the application with years of worry-free use.

What Compositology LLC can do for you:

  • Compare new and existing composite products using both standard laboratory and “real-world” testing procedures, and let you know the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of these products BEFORE you invest your time and resources in inventory.
  • Generate literature to present technical information non-technically to your contractors and homeowners, so they can understand what product will work for them, and take liability away from you.
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