Product Manufacturers & Entrepreneurs

What Does Your Customer Want?  It Depends on WHO Your Customer Is!

Distribution Chain

With the challenges facing building products distributors and dealers over the last few years, the last thing they can want to hassle with are “unknowns” in their new products.  They want to carry products which sell well, have minimal “after sale” commitments to resolve problems, and give them a competitive edge.  When your sales force calls on these clients, do you want to use the same approach and techniques of all the other manufacturers talking about how your product is better, or go in with high-quality, professional literature with data generated with third-party testing results?  With technical literature, flyers, and presentations, your sales team will have more time working on making sales instead of “re-inventing the wheel” with minimal technical background and communications experience.  Compositology LLC can give you that edge.

Architects & Material Engineers

Architects want lasting aesthetics and durability, while material engineers want product performance material design values, and performance specifications.  Depending on the project or application, both of these groups will be working together at the same firm, and will expect you to deliver them reliable information that their requirements are attainable.  With the ability to conduct standardized and comparative testing and generate technical literature, Compositology LLC can make this happen.

Builders & Contractors

Contractors want products with durable looks which homeowners love, clear and concise installation techniques and instructions, and not have to come back for follow-up service.  They do not have the time or incentive to wade through difficult to follow or obtuse installation instructions.  Allowing contractors to quickly understand the important aspects of installing your products will provide you with a happy contractor base, and fewer installation complaints.  Compositology LLC can help create or revise installation instructions, generate or edit installation videos, and create online short “tips” and “tricks” for use on your product’s website or internet media outlets such as YouTube.


For homeowners, the answer is simple: great durability and low maintenance. Homeowners do not want to spend all of their free time maintaining things like siding, fencing, decking and railing. They want to come home from work and spend time with their friends and families. They want to live in a home which is beautiful, comfortable, and easy to maintain.  They do not want problems, and they certainly do not want to be “field testing” for new products.  When they pay good money to have a composite building product installed on their home, they expect it to perform.  And if it does not do that, the “power of the consumer” can be devastating.  If there are questions with your new products, don’t let homeowners be your beta-testers.  Compositology LLC can give you answers before the products become a liability.

Compositology LLC is committed to helping your analyze your current products, assess new products, and make your new product improvement project run as smoothly as possible. We work to meet your schedule, provide the best services and information possible to you, and reduce the risk of cost overruns by making sure the process, attributes, deliverables, and outcomes are properly outlined at the beginning of your project. Our specialists will provide technical documents for all people involved in your project: production, QC, sales, marketing, distributors & dealers, contractors, and homeowners.

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