Product Development

When making the right decision means being in business or closing the doors, Compositology can help you sleep easier in your choices.

In the current building products environment, a new product launch can literally mean life or death for the manufacturer.  With all the variables associated with developing new products and effectively delivering them to market, are you comfortable that you have the right people in your organization to make this happen?  As more businesses “require more from less”, personnel has become very streamlined.  Gone are the days of having people to throw at projects and get things done.  When your R&D department is slashed to the bare minimum (or maybe even completely gone), QC is understaffed, and production is as lean as possible, who will do the work required to develop your new products?  Are those people the most efficient choice to get the work done?  And how fast will they be able to move new product development forward, when yoked with the additional tasks which they are also required to complete?  How qualified are they to evaluate the product critically, when they are that close and vested to it?  Will all the details be addressed, or will corners be cut?  By critically evaluating your new products prior to launch, you will fully understand the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities before they arrive in the hands of the consumer.  This relatively small up-front cost can minimize financial loss and maintain brand integrity.

At Compositology LLC, this is what we do.

Coming from 15 years of composite building products evaluation and development, we know what questions to ask, what attributes to evaluate, and how to efficiently complete the work required.  We will work with your staff, suppliers and vendors, third-party testing providers and code officials to streamline the product development process as much as possible, but still maintain product quality and durability.

What Compositology LLC can provide:

  • Independent project management of the new product development process.  Establishing the framework in which the new product development process will be completed in, assigning tasks, responsibilities, deadlines, deliverables, and managing these items to ensure timely completion.
  • Comparative testing to evaluate performance of new products and product improvements to historical products or other products on the market.
  • Produce quality control documentation, quality control manuals for code compliance, and establish QC procedures and measurables.
  • Work with third-party testing agencies and code officials to make sure testing and certification is completed with minimum time and cost.
  • Develop “technical marketing” plan and literature by using comparative testing to showcase product attributes and advantages over competitive products.
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