Comparative Product Testing

We are your resource for both standardized, industry accredited testing and real-world comparative testing.   We are not brand loyal but rather provide you with scientific results and information on how those results may impact various applications.

Standardized tests have their place: when you want to know a particular mechanical property of a material, such as bending strength and stiffness.  However, these tests are often based on standard exposure conditions, and do not adequately show product performance in the real world.  Compositology LLC is here to provide both standardized and real world comparative testing of composite materials.

Real World Comparative Tests

  • Effects of Freeze-Thaw CyclingWater Absorption Comparative Testing Graph
  • Long-Term Water Absorption (Fresh and Saltwater)
  • Scratch & Mar Testing
  • High Traffic Wear Pattern Testing
  • Household Chemical Exposure (Oils, Foodstuffs, Cleaners, etc)

Standardized Tests

  • Flexural Bending Strength & Stiffness (3-Point; 4-Point)
  • Tensile Strength & Stiffness
  • Compressive Strength & Stiffness
  • Falling Weight Impact Test
  • Weathering Exposure
  • Thermo-Oxidative Degradation Testing
  • Rheological Analysis
  • Long-Term Creep

Compositology LLC provides scientific data beyond what the standards impart.  In the attached graph, a sampling of commercially available composite decking products were examined for their water absorption performance.  Typical water absorption testing is conducted for 30 days, however, when tested longer, there were changes in the absorption unseen prior.

  • There is an inflection between samples B and C.
  • Sample A had a rapid increase in water absorption very early in the testing, but later stabilizes.
  • Sample R continues to increase its absorption.
  • Samples K and R move further apart.

If the product you are manufacturing or using is going to be in a high moisture location, then this longer time scale can mean the difference between a safe installation with minimal issues, and an installation plagued with service problems and ultimately failure.

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