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Italian Collaboration To Start Manufacturing Bioplastic Straws
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Fermani and API Collaborate on Biodegradable Straws using APINAT Bioplastic

09/12/2011 UPDATE: Compositology LLC was contacted by Farida Bocchese, a representative of API Spa, and informed us that the website link was incorrect.  The correct website for API Spa is  We appreciate the feedback, and apoligize for any confusion this may have caused.

09/05/2011 — ITALY — The collaboration between Italian companies Fermani Cannucce Snc and API Spa, one of the leaders in the production of thermoplastic elastomer compounds, led to the birth of 100% biodegradable straw.

This BIO STRAW is the result of Fermani Cannucce’s experience in drinking straw extrusion and API Spa’s advanced technical and production know-how, which developed the innovative bioplastic called APINAT.

APINAT is a patented biodegradable bioplastic which is distinguished from other bioplastics in the market by virtue of its flexibility and softness. This BIO STRAW developed with APINAT is similar to a normal PP straw in terms of use and mechanical and hygienic characteristics, but it has a unique advantage: it can decompose in controlled composting conditions.

In fact, APINAT bioplastics have been certified biodegradable in aerobic environment in accordance with EN 13432, EN 14995 and ASTM D6400 standards. In addition, APINAT makes the BIO STRAW more flexible and more easily processed by extrusion, in comparison with biodegradable straws produced with PLA (polylactic acid).

It’s important to stress that 76% of the BIO STRAW is made of renewable raw materials. The use of these renewable materials, instead of synthetic ones, reduces CO2 emissions and the greenhouse effect to help meet Kyoto Protocol standards.

BIO STRAWS are available in different sizes and colours in order to meet clients’ needs. They can be sold loose or individually wrapped. The product package is in recyclable cardboard or biodegradable envelopes, again in keeping with sustainability.

About API

API is a member of the European Bioplastics Association. All APINAT® series products fully comply with biodegradability standards. API has an increasing commitment in developing products which make a significant contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the greenhouse effect (Kyoto Protocol). This dedication has also led to the development of the APINAT® series of bioplastics derived from renewable raw materials.

Source: API

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