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Axion International Co-founder Named One of the Nation´s Top Mechanical Engineers
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Rutgers University´s Dr. Tom Nosker, Co-Inventor of Axion´s Recycled Structural Composite, Named One of the Nation´s Top Mechanical Engineers

04/11/2011 15:20:29 – ( – Axion International (OTCBB: AXIH), a leading producer of industrial building products and railroad ties made from 100% recycled plastic, proudly announced today that Dr. Tom Nosker, a professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers University and inventor of Axion´s Recycled Structural Composite (RSC), was recognized along with five of his peers as one of the nation´s top Mechanical Engineers.

The designation appears in the April issue of Inventors Digest magazine.

“This is a terrific recognition of Dr. Nosker´s tremendous contribution to the world of recycling, and the incredible legacy he´s created,” stated Axion President and Chief Executive Officer, Steve Silverman.

“Tom´s contribution to the world of plastic recycling goes back to the mid 1980´s, when he helped develop PET resin recovery recycling technology, and continues to this day with his work in advances in thermoplastics composites, design of structures, and even flame retardant materials. Axion is extremely proud to be associated with him and we´re grateful for the contributions he´s made and continues to make to our society.”

“It´s a great honor for any group of peers to recognize one´s work, and this is no exception,” stated Dr. Tom Nosker from his lab at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ. “Since my undergraduate days I´ve dedicated my career to finding a solution to the large amounts of waste that normally end up in landfills. If we can continue to search for innovative ways to convert garbage to useful products or energy, we´re going to find ourselves a lot closer to solving some of the world´s most pressing environmental and sustainability issues. And the solutions aren´t hard to find. They just take creativity, dedication and sometimes a little luck. Okay, maybe a lot of luck.”

Jim Kerstein, Co-founder of Axion and the company´s CTO who´s worked most closely over the years with Dr. Nosker added, “From turning recycled plastic water bottles into carpets in the 70´s, to using milk jugs and detergent bottles in an effort to create a greener, longer-lasting building material, Dr. Nosker has proven himself to be a gifted scientist. The success of the bridges that Axion has built using the technology that Tom helped pioneer and which is being covered concurrently this month in Civil Engineering News, is proof of the success of concept. Dr. Nosker has always possessed a moral compass that leads him to help rid the world of waste and to find a way to recycle garbage into something useful and productive. He deserves all the recognition he has received.”

To view videos of Dr. Tom Nosker´s recycled thermoplastic products manufactured by Axion International please visit:

Inventors Digest considered Mechanical Engineers from the corporate world, universities and backyard workshops, and from industries as diverse as the automotive, consumer electronics, green technologies, infrastructure and nanotechnology. Their recognition includes other Mechanical Engineers responsible for integrating robotics to assist the disabled, work in auto sports, polymer nanocomposites and vibration energy harvesting. The six profiled in the April issue at were selected “based on peer recognition, societal impact of their work and commitment to their craft.”

Dr. Nosker also authored an article in the April issue of CE (Civil Engineering) News on the topic of using recycled thermoplastic as a replacement for traditional bridge building materials such as wood and steel at: . The article, written by Dr. Nosker and his partner, Jennifer K. Lynch, explores the strength comparison of Axion´s RSC in uses ranging from light vehicular bridges at Wharton State Forest in New Jersey, to bridges built by Axion at Ft. Eustis, VA, capable of supporting the weight of 120+ ton railroad locomotives – providing deflection data from tests conducted using an 80 and a 120 ton locomotive traveling at varying speeds.

About Axion International
Axion International is a leading structural solution provider of cost-effective alternative infrastructure and building products. The Company´s “green” proprietary technologies allow for the development and manufacture of innovative structural products made from 100% recycled consumer and industrial plastics. Axion’s up-cycled products are an economic and sustainable alternative to traditional building materials such as wood, steel or concrete. Developed in collaboration with scientists at Rutgers University, Axion’s patented technologies allow for products that are extremely strong, durable, flexible in design, and low maintenance.

For additional information, please visit Axion´s corporate website:

Forward-Looking Statements
This release contains “forward-looking statements” for purposes of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s “safe harbor” provisions under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties that could cause Axion´s actual results to differ materially from those currently anticipated, including the risk factors identified in Axion´s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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