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Wolmanized® Wood Outperforms WPCs?
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Wolmanized® Wood Outperforms Wood Plastic Composite Decking in Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Study

04/18/2011– A recently completed cradle-to-grave Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) has shown that Wolmanized® Outdoor® wood pressure-treated with copper azole preservative has substantial environmental benefits over wood plastic composite decking.

Conducted by engineering consultant AquAeTer, Nashville, for Arch Treatment Technologies, Inc., Atlanta, the detailed investigation indicates that composite decking requires 15-17 times (depending on preservative formulation) more fossil fuel and 2.4 times more water than Wolmanized Outdoor wood, while resulting in emissions with potential to cause 2.9-3.0 times more greenhouse gas and 5.0-6.5 times more acid rain.

LCAs have been done on wood, treated wood, and micronized copper processes, but this is the first cradle-to-grave LCA on wood protected by micronized copper azole.

“Because our base product is wood,” said Kirk Hammond, sales manager of Arch Wood Protection, “we have long believed that preserved lumber offered environmental benefits. This study, which followed international protocols for Life Cycle Assessment, proves that our beliefs were well-founded. People interested in green building should consider the exceptional features of Wolmanized wood.”

The production of Wolmanized Outdoor wood is licensed by Arch Treatment Technologies to treating companies which use preservatives sold by Arch. The wood is protected by copper azole, a preservative produced in dissolved and dispersed (micronized) formulations of copper.

AquAeTer is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm providing scientific and technical services to a variety of industries. It has gained special expertise in developing LCAs related to treated wood. Not only is an LCA a tool for comparing alternative products, but it provides guidance on reducing environmental impacts.

Copies of the executive summary are available from Arch Treatment Technologies,

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